1 Timothy 3:14-16

There are many opinions today about what a church should be.  Some say a church should be…

  • Program Oriented.  They believe there should be a program for every need.  Even the worship service is usually one big program after another.
  • Focused on Goals.  They have clearly defined goals and a plan to fulfill those goals.  They are well organized and work hard to fulfill those goals.
  • Meeting “Felt Needs.”  They find out what people want and give it to them so they can attract people to their church.
  • User Friendly and Seeker Sensitive.  They follow a modern day market strategy to reach out to people.

Paul wrote 1 Timothy to tell us what a church should be.   It is interesting that he does not mention any of these things Believers are saying today.  In 1 Timothy 3:14-16, Paul gives us a clear picture of what a church should be.

A church should be…

1.  A Spiritual Family (v. 15a).

Paul calls the church “the household of God.”  Outside our immediate family, no other group in the world should be more important to Believers than their local spiritual family.  We should love and treat each other like family.

2.  Submissive to Their Master (v. 15b).

Paul says we are “the church of the living God.”  The idea here is the church that belongs to the Living God.  We should have one goal—to please and glorify the one true God.

3.  An Example of God’s Greatness (v. 15c).

Paul describes a church as “the pillar of the truth.”  Pillars around a temple were meant to show the greatness of the god or goddess the people worshiped.  Every Christian church should be a living example of the true God’s greatness and truth in their community.

4.  A Supporter of God’s Truth (vv. 15d-16).

While many in the world are suppressing and attacking God’s truth, the church of Jesus Christ must stand for and support the truth.

The Lord Jesus Christ does not want us just to bear the name “church.”  He wants us to be the church.