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March 2013

Watch Your Attitude

Why is it that so many professing Christians seem to be so excited about Christ and His Word when they first become believers, but over a period of time, they lose that excitement; they lose that hunger for God’s Word?    One answer may be that they were not truly saved (Matthew 13:22; John 10:27).  But those with saving faith can also lose their zeal.  The...

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What in the World is Worldliness?

Scripture is clear that Christians are not to love the world system that Satan controls (1 John 2:15).  But, the confusion comes in identifying what it means to be worldly.  Most Christians think it is doing certain things (smoking, drinking, etc.).  However, worldliness is much more extensive than a few social or health issues.   1 John 2:16 defines a three-fold...

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